We empower young people to engage in social impact initiatives and volunteer programs that support displaced and disadvantaged communities. We believe volunteerism is an agent for social cohesion amongst young people of all backgrounds and orientations.

Istanbul&I is a non political organization. We are strictly against any political statements and activities.

Istanbul&I is not an activist organization. We do not organize marches, protests, sit-ins, or any other forms of protest or awareness campaigns that can be deemed political. For example, raising awareness about Aleppo should be aimed at a humanitarian purview.

Diversity: Istanbul&I believes that a diverse community reflects the global environment. Diversity to us does not just mean a variety of ethnicities or nationalities, but a variety of characteristics ranging from ideologies, religious persuasions, orientations, and legal status.

Respect: Because &I is a diverse community that prides itself on social inclusion, it is critical that members are respectful of one another. Discrimination is not tolerated. Members cannot be discriminated (not limited to) by their background, ethnicity, race, religion, orientation, class, and gender identity.

Communication: Istanbul&I can only be successful if its members communicate clearly with each other. There can be a number of volunteer programs and initiatives happening at the same time. These groups need to communicate with each other and with the community as a whole. Project updates, questions, support should be communicated through the community facebook group. Threads on the Facebook group should be open places of discussion, just as meetings are.

Accountability: When members agree to attend an event through facebook (going or maybe) then they need to attend, or lose points through our accountability system. Members are allowed to change their attendance status one hour before the program. Coming late, without writing beforehand, can also incur point loss. This is important to keep members accountable.